My Muse Rocks!

So now that I’m a stay-at-home-mom I have lots more time to write. Yay! But, my first week home, I didn’t do any writing. Mostly because I was being super lazy, but also because I had no idea what to write about. It’s been seriously long.

So yesterday I asked my husband, Daniel, what I should write about. And he quickly responded, “I want a short story about White Crow”. Now, White Crow is a character that I’ve had since I was 13 and I’ve been struggling with her since then. There was a major plot hole in her back story. It was like a black hole in my mind, so that when ever my mind went in that direction it got sucked away into oblivion. But Daniel managed to come up with an ingenious idea that made all those problems go away.
Thus, Daniel is my new muse, sorry Pip. 😦

One thought on “My Muse Rocks!

  1. I prefer an actual black hole in her back-story. As in, she just walked out of one one day. Nothing says 'mysterious' to the reader like an Event Horizon from beyond which they may gain no information; indeed, it is impossible. When faced with the accusation that walking out of one is also impossible, she must then mutter something about tachyons and promptly step out to lunch. It should be noted that this is possibly the easiest back-story to write. Ever.

    Of course, if you ever decided you wanted to actually write one, the black hole analogy still fits, because you'll probably want to pick up an advanced physics degree to explain your way out of that one…

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