Video Blog Project

So I’m trying to do a video blog. I’ve always thought it would be fun to try. So this is my first attempt. The audio is a little low, just so you know. The mic on my laptop isn’t the best. Please comment!

The Binky


3 thoughts on “Video Blog Project

  1. i LOVE that he still uses the paci holder!! it makes me happy…but i think its good to do what your doing, like sticking it in ur pocket but maybe change pockets..and just really try to only give it to him at night…maybe not right away but when u get ready to lay him down tell him binky is for bed time…but i think your a great mom and doing good.
    i have the same issue but Brays paci/binky is his bottles…he drinks from sippee cups but just loves and wants his bottle…goodluck!!

  2. Obviously I'm not much of an authority on child-rearing, but I think you're headed in the right direction just taking it slow. Everyone's unique, so just use trial-and-error/intuition to find the right methods of making it less and less a part of his day. I'd refer you to Whitney to see how she did it with her daughter…but Whitney's insane, so maybe not. Also, her daughter still occasionally uses a pacifier at a little over 2, so…maybe a little too slow for your tastes? (Honest question; I have no idea.) If you'd just kindly make your next entry something I know about, then I can be my usual snobby know-it-all self. Children? Seriously? Who knows? I don't think anyone understands them. Why does this house suddenly smell like poop? Oh, right. Children.

  3. Gina: Will had a hard time drinking from a sippy cup as well. He hated it at first because it was harder to drink out of. So I took out the thing in the lid that keeps it from leaking to show him that it can be done. He went with that for half a day and then when I saw him pouring milk on himself and laughing I out the thing back in and he's been fine with it ever since.

    Curt: LOL! Yes, next time I'll try to talk about something that is a bit more universal. It's good to hear from someone who almost knows it all. 😀

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