Kricket’s Happy Korner: Who Are You?

I’m going to start this off with a little book review, because I like books, so there. 😛

Storm Front by Jim Butcher get 5 stars!
Harry Dresden is a Wizard for hire, the only one listed in the Chicago phone book. Business is slow but things begin to pick up when he is called in to help the police solve a gruesome murder that could only be done through powerful magic.
I was told to read this book, so I did and I loved it. It’s a fun read and Harry is a great character to be in the head of. The story never stops and even through the crap just gets piled on higher and higher for Harry, he always manages to scrape out by the skin of his teeth. It’s intense and keeps you guessing. I didn’t stop reading until my Kindle died and reminded me that it was past midnight and time to go to bed.
I highly recommend this for anyone who likes urban fantasy or crime mysteries. 
The other thing I want to share was a personality quiz a friend showed to me just this morning. I’m a sucker for these things but I have never found one that was so accurate. It’s kind of scary. It had me down to a T. Try it out, it only takes about 20 minutes and maybe you’ll learn something new about your self.
Thank you for reading, as always. Have a happy Monday and Happy Canada Day to my northern neighbors and early Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans.


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