Mommy Confessions: My Big Fat Lazy Bum

This, you will notice, is not the usual Happy Korner, but it’s not a Kranky post either. It’s confession time!

Sometimes I feel like I’m the laziest person I know. I’ve been a lazy, procrastinating, lazy person most of my life. Why did I have less than average grades in school? Too lazy to do my homework. Why did I flunk out of college? Too lazy to go to class. Why did I have so many sick days when I was working? Too lazy to go to work. Why does my house get dirty and stay that way for days, if not weeks? Too lazy to get off my ass and do anything but the bare necessities.

Oh, I come up with all kinds of excuses for my self and those around me. I’m sick, I’m tired, the boys were crazy, I’m in a bad mood. The list goes on and on. But what it really gets down too is that I allow myself to get distracted with things. Books, games, this damn internet. I lack self discipline, period.

But man, what really gets under my skin is people who think that being a stay-at-home mom is easy. That we just get to do whatever we want and sit around and watch soap operas all day while we eat tootsie rolls (I do neither, I prefer M&M and Star Trek reruns ;)) Being a SAHM means that you have to be your own boss. You have to learn how to manage your time and keep your self on track. This is not as easy as it might seem, especially for me.

So how do I overcome this? Do I have the secret formula? No, but if you find one, please share, I’ll pay you! The best I’ve managed to come up with is momentum. I have to get up in the morning and just get right to work and not stop until I have no more energy left. I’ve learned, over time, to pace my self. There was a lot of trial and error in that, but I’ve figured out what works for me.

And for all the tricks and tips I’ve learned and applied, there’s still the part where I get up off my butt and actually move. Sometimes I think I need tasers on every chair and attached to all my electronics just to keep myself moving throughout the day. One day I’ll have a computer smart enough to not turn on until I have proven that I got all the stuff on my to do list done.

But until then, I guess I have to hold my self accountable and not be a big fat lazy bum. Hi ho! Hi ho! It’s off to do the laundry I go!

Thanks for reading and have a Marvelous Monday!


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