What Is This "Writing" You Speak Of?

(I wrote this all up yesterday, but forgot to hit the “Publish” button…)

Seriously, what is it? Because I’m not doing it.

All that fire and drive I’ve had before is just gone. And it pisses me off. My brain keeps finding “better” things to do with my time, mostly sleeping. If I don’t get up early in the morning and jump on writing right away, I’m screwed. I have no other chance to do it during the day. There’s too many other things to do.

But you know, I guess this is what makes someone a “real” writer. The people who write because they have to, not just because want to or because they feel inspired. But it’s soooo hard!

So I guess all I can do now is to keep trying and commit to doing better. Maybe, one day, I’ll get this whole “being a productive human being” thing down.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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