Book Review: Raising Unicorns

Raising Unicorns: You Step-By-Step to Starting and Running a Successful-and Magical-Unicorn Farm

By: Jessica S. Marquis


raising uni

Welcome to the whimsical and very lucrative world of unicorn farming! This is an industry like no other with potential limited only by your imagination. As a future unicorn farmer, you will experience the wide and unique array of opportunities, challenges, and joys of caring for these majestic creatures.

From the Introduction

In this book, author Jessica S. Marquis provides everything you need to know to make a good living as a unicorn farmer. From choosing the right breed (Purebred; Twinkletoe; Karmic; Gigglerump; Horse with Horn) to picking the unicorn farm dream team (an alchemist; stable hands; groomers; The On-Call Virgin (OCV); lawyers), you are guaranteed to have a magical journey. The only reference of its kind, this book proves you can live in fantasyland—and still make money.

(link, image and description all from Amazon)

This book is mildly amusing. I wasn’t rolling on the floor laughing the whole time, but it did keep a smile on my face and an occasional giggle. This book brings unicorns out of fairytale land and into the real world and they have real world problems. But this book also makes you want to live your dreams. If you want to have a farm full of unicorns, YOU CAN!

This is a fun and light read and recommended for any unicorn lover.

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