Movie Reivew: Frozen

So I finally saw Frozen this weekend. I’ve been avoiding it for a while because I have this thing about shows/movies/books that everybody likes. I’m either horribly disappointed by them (Napoleon Dynamite) or I become obsessed (Doctor Who).

I had mixed feelings going in. I’ve read a lot of stuff about the movie, I knew how it was going to end. I’ve also heard the big song “Let It Go” a few too many times. So I left the movie feeling a little meh about it. It did not live up to the hype. Tangled is infinitely better.

So what didn’t I like about the movie. First, the parents are awful. I can maybe, kind of, see the logic in keeping Elsa away from other people until she learns to control her power, but why lock Anna up as well? Why close off the entire castle? And how the hell is Elsa supposed to learn anything in a room all by her self? The parents would have done better to leave Elsa with the trolls, they could have taught her a thing or two I’m sure.

Second, the music. It was good, but it was too Broadway. I know weird to say. I am a fan of Broadway and even a fan of Elsa’s voice actress, Idina Menzel, but it just didn’t have that great Disney vibe like some of the classics had. I wanted The Little Mermaid or The Lion Kind type music. So, I wasn’t really impressed with “Let It Go!”.

Third, if I had to hear about true love one more time I was going to punch something. The whole “This is not a movie about true love or true love’s kiss” theme was soooo heavy handed. Yeah, I get it, this is about the sister’s and their relationship. Really? Then why were there two love based songs hm? Why did we spend most of the movie watching Anna develop feelings and relationships with TWO guys? Also, everyone gives Anna a hard time for falling for and getting engaged to the Prince within a day, but how long had she known Kristoff before she starts talking true love? Two days, maybe?

Just because Anna turns away from Kristoff, and the chance to save herself, to protect Elsa does not erase everything that happened before. Disney was trying so hard to say “Look! Here’s a Disney movie that isn’t about love between man and woman! It’s about family and sisters!” that they kind of missed the point.

Here’s a great image I found on Pinterest. 🙂


Overall it was an okay movie. It was visually stunning and great acting. Could have done without the snowman, he was maybe two steps away from being a Jar-Jar. And the story overall could have been better. I’m kind of convinced I could have written a version that would have made more sense, with the parents not being stupid and the girl’s not having to suffer such emotional trauma.

So what did you think of Frozen? At this point, I’m assuming everyone has seen it. Leave a comment and we can chat! Thanks for reading!


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