Where Did I Go?

Good question.

I didn’t go anywhere, I just didn’t get on my computer for a while unless it was to watch Netflix. Not the best use of my time.

I just got down into this little funk, which happens, often, but it took me longer to pull my self out of it than it usually does.

You know how sometimes you just lack motivation? Like you really just don’t care about anything and you can’t summon up enough energy to do anything. Yeah, that was me this pass month. I don’t know why, exactly. I think life just caught up with me. All the stress and everything just sat on my shoulders and I couldn’t move for a while. It’s a pretty awful feeling.

But I’m over it now and trying to get back to normal. So starting now everything should be back to its regularly scheduled programming.


Now let’s talk about happy things! What’s going on this summer? Not totally sure what we’ll be doing here. My parents are coming for a visit around the Fourth of July. But beyond that, we’re open. It’s hard to plan or do much since Daniel is still in school. No summer vacation for him.

I have not decided if I’m going to do CampNaNo again in July. I’m thinking not. Not sure I’ll be able to keep it up. But I will be writing, I try to always be writing.

Anyway, do you have any fun plans for this summer? Leave a comment and we can chat. Thanks for stopping by and have a Marvelous Monday.

P.S. Can I just take a moment to say that Google made that gif out of a series of pictures I took with my phone. How cool is that?


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