Movie Review: Maleficent


I saw Maleficent this weekend with one of my sisters and the quick review is, IT’S AMAZING!

Now follows the longer review which might have spoilers. You’ve been warned, so no whining.

I love Disney. It holds a soft spot in the child part of my heart. I also love the animated classic, Sleeping Beauty. And Maleficent has always been on the top of my Disney Villains list. She turns into a dragon and I have a thing for dragons, it’s a weakness.

I was so excited to see this movie but I was scared. Disney has a history of either making great movies or really crappy ones, there isn’t much in between. I did not want them to mess this up. And they didn’t. Everything about this movie was solid.

Let’s start by talking about the visuals. Stunning and beautiful. Also, highly original. All the magical creatures were unique. The only things that were typical were the three fairies, they looked like every other fairy you’ve seen before. Actually, they looked like someone plucked them out of Pixie Hollow in Neverland.

mal fairies

Also, the characters were lovely to look at as well. I was blown away by Isobelle Molloy, who plays Young Maleficent. young mal I mean look at her. She did an amazing job. And of course there is Angelina Jolie who is flawless in every way in this movie. She made me smile, cry, laugh and cheer. I have a major girl crush on her, like you wouldn’t believe. 😉

Now, let’s talk about the story/writing. Perfect and solid. No plot holes, no left over questions. This version of Sleeping Beauty makes a whole lot more sense than the animated version. Maleficent has a damn good reason for wanting to hurt the King, but she does go for a low blow, at first. Once she realizes her mistake she tries to revers the curse, but it doesn’t work. And the amount of pain and remorse she feels for that is visible in every line of her.

Now, let’s talk about Prince Phillip. I love what they did with him. In the animated version, Phillip is the main character. He’s the one that does all the action, he’s the one we know the most about. Aurora is his prize at the end for killing the evil dragon. She is a passive character that sleeps half the story away. When you really look at the animated version it’s really about the three fairies and Phillip.

But in Maleficent we see Phillip a total of three times. Once when he meets Aurora in the forest, then when he runs into Maleficent and finally when he kisses Aurora. MAJOR SPOILER COMING! SKIP THE RED! He kisses her and nothing happens! But that’s not even the best part, the best part is that he is reluctant to kiss her. The fairies have to beg him too but at first he’s like, “But I don’t even know her, it wouldn’t be right.” So who’s “True Loves Kiss” does Aurora need? Why, the motherly kiss of Maleficent of course.

Brilliant right?! (This part is still spoilery, you’ve been warned) Maleficent managed to gracefully and seamlessly do what Frozen could only dream of hitting you over the head with. When the big moment happened, I literally leaned over to my sister and said, “That’s what Frozen was trying to do.”

Also some quick pictures of other awesome things like:


Bad Ass Ents ents2

I won’t say much more about the ending since I just spoiled a big part of it, but the whole thing is great. I walked out of that movie being insanely satisfied and I’d be willing to go see it again and when it come out to own I’ll pay the big bucks to have the special features and everything.

So, who wants to go to the movies with me this weekend? 😀

Have you seen Maleficent yet? What did you think? Leave a comment and we can chat!


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