Bad Week

Alright people, sit down, I’m going to tell you a story. This is a story with a moral to it. And just to break the mold, I’m going to tell you the moral up front. And that moral is ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET!! Always! I don’t care if you’re not going very far on your bike/motorcycle/skateboard/rollerblades/whatever. And I seriously don’t care if you think it looks stupid WEAR YOUR MOTHER F*ING HELMET!.

Now here’s why.

My awesome husband rides a longboard to work in the summer. He just bought one a month ago. It’s great because we only have one car so I still have it during the day, plus it’s a workout for him. And he loves skateboarding.

So, a week and a half ago, on Friday the 13th (of course, why not), Daniel went to grab some lunch and decided not to wear his helmet (which he normally always wears on the commute back and forth to work). On his way back to his office, he was going down hill, put his foot down to break and something went wrong. He flew off his board and landed on the left side of his head, mostly behind the ear.

Luckily other people saw him go down, called 911 and stayed with him as he was taken to the hospital.

I, on the other hand, was sitting at home, in my PJ’s, watching shows with my boys when I got a phone call from the hospital to inform me that my husband had just been admitted into the ER. Second Worse Nightmare.

I left my boys with a friend and rushed to the hospital, convincing my self that Daniel just broke his arm or something simple like that. It wasn’t until I saw his bloody face that I began to realize how bad this was.

In short, Daniel fractured his skull in 4 places, dislocated his TMJ (the jaw joint right under your ear) and of course had a concussion. All of this caused blood to seep onto his brain and he had to stay at the hospital in ICU Friday night so they could check on him every hour to make sure there was no swelling. He did well that night with no complications and he spent the next couple days in the general part of the hospital as he saw a bunch of doctors.

He finally got to come home Monday morning. He spent all of last week in bed and resting, as much as he hated it. But he is well enough today that he went to work for half a day.

He’s not in much pain anymore, just really tired. Which is normal for this kind of head injury.

And I have not been that stressed or exhausted in a long time. I’m still kind of recovering my sanity and my sleep.

The boys have handled all of this really well. Of course Jacob is too little to have a clue what’s going on and all William knows is that Daddy hurt his head so he can’t jump on him like usual.

So that’s been my week. 😀

And what’s the lesson we’ve learned today friends? ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET!

Leave a comment so we can chat about stupid people who hurt themselves in stupid and avoidable ways. 😀


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