Book Review: Summoned Chaos

Summoned Chaos is the sequel to Undead Chaos which I reviewed late last year.



This was a great and fun read. The story picks up a few months after the events of Undead Chaos and it opens with a great action scene. Always a good way to get my attention. And the fun doesn’t really stop. It slows down a bit but Roots keeps it going throughout the entire novel.

My one and only gripe about the story is that we spend a tad too much time with Marcus feeling guilty about, well, everything. He feels guilty about what he did as a teenager, about the events of the previous book, about making his parents have to deal with his stupid actions, about the struggles in his relationship with Quinn, about a kid on his team getting hurt… Need I go on?

It makes me think of a line from a Tori Amos song. “Got enough guilt to start my own religion.”

But, that’s the only thing I could complain about in this book, and really it’s a small thing.

I like that we see more of Quinn and I look forward to seeing even more of her in later books (which there better be). And Steve is a delight. Just imagining a minotaur in a tux and at a fancy party makes this story pure gold.

So, I highly recommend this book. It’s a great fun read and even though it’s a sequel it does pretty well on it’s own, but you get the full effect if you read Undead Chaos first. So go buy it and read it, if you haven’t already, and then leave a comment about what you think of the book.

Thanks for reading and have a Wonderful Wednesday!


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