Book Review: Mistborn



I really loved this book, like completely. 🙂 Sooo well written. Great, complex characters. Strong world building and a unique magical system.

It starts off feeling really bleak and at first I wasn’t sure I’d like it. But as I got to know Vin and Kelsier and the rest of the characters I fell in love. The magic system is pretty much flawless. It’s powerful and full of possibilities but there are a lot of drawbacks as well. Those who practice it are not all powerful, which I really like. It’s too easy to have a magic system that turns it’s users into unbeatable gods.

The ending had a tragic, yet pleasant twist. Tragic because bad things happen to really good people, but pleasant because you don’t see the twist coming. I like to be surprised that way.

So if you like high/epic fantasy, I highly recommend this. It’s a great book and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series, and anything else Sanderson has written. 🙂

What are you going to read this weekend? Tell me in the comments below! At the moment I’m throwing a book across the room because it’s so bad. Maybe I’ll do a post about it later.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!


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