Need A New Idea?

So with NaNo right around the corner, you might be in need of an idea for your novel. I was told about this wonderful idea generator at

It’s focused on fan-fiction crossovers, but if you break it down you can use the basic themes to help you with fresh ideas.

For instance, I just got this from the generator: Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Law & Order and Calvin & Hobbes. The story should use an abandoned amusement park as a plot device!

This in and of it self is an amazing idea. So, if you like to write fan-fiction, this is golden.

But if you’re looking for something original you can break this idea down like so:

1. Law and Order is a pretty basic who-done-it crime solving story. Generally with a pair of detectives working together to solve the case and prosecute the criminal.

2. Calvin and Hobbes is about a boy and his stuffed tiger that go on amazing adventures in the boy’s imagination.

3. Put the two together with the above mentioned plot device and you have a child with a favorite stuffed animal/imaginary friend who go wandering into an abandoned amusement park and find a dead body. They then take it upon them selves to solve the case.

Done and done!

And from that basic plot you can add magic (to make it fantasy), aliens (to become science fiction), ghost (for horror), or even a steamy romance between the adult detectives (yay sexy times!). You can focus solely on the kid with the stuffed animal, or on the detectives, or the murderer, or the victim; the possibilities are endless.

So, if you’re wanting to do NaNo this year or if you’re stuck on what to do next in your story, give this generator a try. It’s pretty fun. Also, a quick Google search will give you dozens of other idea generators if you need them.

So go forth bold writer and WRITE!

Thanks for reading and have a Wonderful Wednesday!


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