belgiaiad 1

This is some very classic Fantasy literature. If you haven’t ever read it, you really should. I’ve read this series a few times, but it has been a while, so it was nice to go back into this world that I had kind of forgotten.

This follows the classic Hero Tale kind of structure. A young farm boy has been foreseen in prophesy and fated to save the world. He’s accompanied by a wide cast of characters that include two powerful and ageless sorcerers, knights, archers, spies, a feisty princess and the like. They all have an important role to play in helping the Hero save the world from the Evil God.

If this is a trope, then this is the daddy of all Hero Tale tropes, but it works. So I gave it 5 stars, one of those stars is for nostalgia, but that’s ok. 😉

So what are you reading this weekend? What’s some classic fantasy or science fiction books/series you think everyone should read? Leave a comment and we can chat!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


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