Let’s Start At The Very Beginning

Something new

A Very Good Place To Start 😉

It’s a new year and everyone is thinking about starting fresh. Last week, I shared what my writing goals are for this year, but in thinking about the future I also got to thinking about the past and the very beginning of my writing journey.

I wrote my first book in 6th grade. I think it was about 100 pages long and it was just awful. I was horrible at spelling back then and I’m not the sure the word processor I was using had spell check.

I was really into the Animorphs series at the time, so while my story wasn’t fan-fiction, it had a lot of similarities. The whole, “group of random kids/friends are visited by an alien and given super powers” thing.

Unfortunately, I lost the hard copy and I’m not sure it ever got transferred from one computer to another over the years, so I don’t remember everything. But, I and my pet hamster were in the story. My hamster could talk because she was actually an alien in disguise. Not sure why an intelligent alien would choose the form of a hamster, but there you go.

I also know that the boy I had a crush on at the time was in the story. He ended up faking his own suicide so that he could become a bad guy. I’m not really sure what that says about me at 12 years old, but there you have it.

I’m still pretty proud of that piece of work though, because I finished it. It was a solid story with a beginning, middle and end. That’s a big accomplishment for a 12 year old.

From then on I knew I wanted to write stories. I have a whole binder full of random ideas that I played around with throughout my teen age years. Some of them aren’t that bad, even now.

I even went through a phase of writing wonderfully angsty poetry. I like to say I was emo before it was cool. 😉

And then, as I got older and began to read more widely in fantasy and science fiction I realized that writing was more than fun and more than a hobby. I really wanted to create amazing worlds that readers could get lost in. I wanted to create those sensations in others that some of my favorite authors created in me.

So I’ve been doing this writing thing for 16 years now. Not published yet, but I have finished a couple manuscripts and learned a lot from my successes and failures. I might not be the most qualified person do have a blog about writing or to be doling out advice, but I’m going to do it anyway. 😉

And with that in mind I’d like to announce a new schedule of posts for the months to come. I’m going to continue posting every Wednesday and Friday and the pattern will go like this.

1st Wed. of the month: Project Update. I’ll talk about what I’m currently working on, what I’m struggling with or what’s going well. Stuff like that.

2nd Wed. of the month: Words From The Wise. I’ve read a lot of books about writing and most of them cover the same information, so I’m going to break some of the common stuff down for y’all.

3rd Wed. of the month: Grammar 101. Grammar is not my strong point, but I want to learn more and you can come along with me as we study The Elements of Style.

Last Wed. of the month: Story Time. I might have a flash fiction piece to share, or a longer short story, or some other type of writing. It’s good exercise for me and you’re welcome to tear it apart and critique it all you want.

Some months have 5 Wednesdays, so we’ll just make something up for those days.

And as always, Friday will continue to be Reviews. I’ll review book, movies, and animes, whatever I’m into at the moment.

So I hope you stick around with me for this great New Year! Please comment, and share and all of that. Have a Wonderful Wednesday and Go Write Something!


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