The Daily Climb

I was sick last week and thus didn’t post on here like I should have. So the first installment of Grammar 101 will have to wait until next month.

In the meantime, I came up with a little tale for you to enjoy.

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Kricket who wanted to be a beloved author of fantasy and science fiction novels. She also wanted to keep an active blog that would one day prove to be a meeting place for all her future fans.

She had many grand dreams and all the best intentions, but, alas, there were many obstacles in her path. She had a “day job” that consisted of cleaning house and taking care of two small boys.

Yet, Kricket’s biggest battle was with her self. It was so easy to just let things slip away from her, to spend more time watching TV or playing video games, than to actively pursue her dreams.

She struggled with herself constantly, just like many writers do. The fight was not easy. Every day she had to slog up and down the mountains of dirty clothes, dishes and diapers. Alone but for the wailing of fighting boys screaming in her ears.

She passed many golden valleys full of comfy couches in front of TV screens, or laptops glowing with gaming possibilities or smart phones full of all the latest updates from Facebook or Twitter.

All these things called to her. Whispering like a seductive lover in her ears, making unattainable promises.

Some days, she would get trapped in one of those valleys, and as the sun set she would feel awful. Wondering if she would ever get to where she was going.

But other days were glorious, though few and far between. The days when she would climb those mountains and ignore all the temptations and make it to that amazing golden temple in the sky. Where deep inside it’s vaulted halls dedicated to all things writing, was a small cozy room with a desk and chair, and a laptop, stripped of everything but a word processor and basic internet (for research).

And there she would sit and write. The only noise the tippity tap of her fingers on the keys. Some days she would write thousands of words, others, just a few hundred. But as long as she made it to that place and wrote something down, it was a success. She could go to bed, the sky ablaze with sunset, and smile for a job well done.

The End

Thanks for reading, leave a comment, have a wonderful Wednesday and GO WRITE SOMETHING!


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