Welcome Back!

Hello friends and welcome back to Kricket’s Korner! It’s all shiny and new and has that new book smell of fresh ink and hot off the press pages.

I haven’t been back here since March of 2015 and a few things have happened in the last 10 months. Pretty much all good things, like buying our first house and moving to a new town.

Not much has changed in my writing life. I feel my writing has improved, but it’s hard to quantify that since I haven’t tried to get published yet. It’s an ongoing journey.

So, you might be asking your self, “Why have you come back to the blog Kricket?” Well, because I felt like it and I decided on a new focus for the blog. This blog is now going to be 90% reviews of books, TV shows, movies and other forms of story telling.

I love stories. I love consuming them and I love creating them. I want to share that love with you. The purpose of this blog is to create yet another little niche on the internet where we can talk about the things we love and find friends who share our interest.

Going forward I plan to post at least once a week, maybe more. It depends on how much time I have to read words or stare at screens. They’ll be lots of post in the next couple weeks, so look forward to that.

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to share this if you like it and leave a comment to tell me what you’re currently reading or watching.


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