459I started watching Fairy Tail a couple months ago. It’s a long, on going series, with 267 episodes and counting.

The series follows a group of wizards who are all a part of the wizard guild, Fairy Tail. There is a large cast but the main protagonist is Lucy, a new comer to the guild. This show is full of different types of magic and fighting styles and wonderfully diverse characters.

Over all I give the series 5 stars. I was slow to start liking Fairy Tail. The first few episodes just didn’t capture my interest for some reason. But once I jumped back into it, I fell in love. The characters are great and the story lines fun.

This series is better than a lot of other super long series. They’ve managed to stick to the original manga story 90% of the time. There’s only one arc that I know of that is in the anime but not the manga. There are some slow parts and even in the best arc there are whole episodes you could skip and not miss any of the story, but that’s typical for this kind of series.

Since this series is still airing, my plan going forward is to review each episode after it comes out on Cruncyroll. Future Fairy Tail posts will go up on Monday’s from now on. And there will be spoilers, so if you’re not caught up and don’t want to know what’s happening, come back when you’ve caught up.

As of now, we’re a couple episodes into a new arc, Fairy Tail ZERO, that deviates from our regular cast of characters and goes back in time to witness the creation of Fairy Tail as a guild.

mavis-and-fairy-tail-founding-fathers**SPOILERS AHEAD!** All we’ve seen thus far is little Mavis (the founder of Fairy Tail) being abused by a mean guild leader. Later Mavis’s guild is utterly destroyed by another guild and everyone on the island in which she lives on is killed, except for the old guild master’s daughter, Zara.

Seven years later, Mavis and her friend Zara are now 13 years old and have been living alone that entire time. Then come Yuri, Precht, and Warrod, treasure hunters looking for a valuable jade jewel that used to reside on the island. By the end of the second episode, Mavis and Zara are on a ship with the men and ready to go out and see the world. **SPOILERS ENDED!**

These first two episodes are a little slow, but most large arcs start slow anyway. I love this series and I wish I didn’t have to wait a week for new episodes. I got spoiled with the first couple hundred episodes because they are all on either Netflix or Crunyroll.

If you are interested in this series, I do suggest you watch it, especially if you like to binge watch shows. It’s totally worth the 100+ hours* of viewing time.

Question time! Have you seen Fairy Tail? Do you like it? What anime are you watching right now?

Thanks for dropping by!




*Holy crap! I’ve spent 4 to 5 days watching this show. Sounds like a good week to me 😉




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