I’ve gotten out of the habit of updating a blog regularly so I forgot to do a couple more post last week. So I’ll be catching up this week and into next.


It’s Monday! Which means we get to talk about Fairy Tail! Last Friday the latest episode of Fairy Tail ZERO aired. Overall, I give it 3 stars.

It was kind of a meh episode where not much happened. Not the worst episode I’ve seen, no Jiggly Butt Gang *shudders*, but not even a very good filler. The writers are obviously, slowly, building into what I believe will be a fairly long arc.

Just take a look at the opening credits. It teases a lot of characters and scenes that we have not seen yet. I know we’re only three episodes in but I’m really eager to see how this story plays out. I want to see more relationship building between Mavis, Yuri, Precth, and Warrod. I want to know what happens to Zara and why we haven’t heard of her before. And most importantly I want to see the relationship between Mavis and Zeref, because there’s obviously something deep there.

I think part of my impatience is that I was able to watch the last 250+ episodes back to back. Since one episode just rolled into another, I never really noticed if any single episode was slow or boring unless it was reaaaally slow or boring.

*SPOILERS AHEAD* So here’s what happened in the episode. Mavis and company are out at sea and the wind stops blowing for a while, leaving their ship dead in the water. Mavis makes friends with some dolphins, because that’s what she does. And the dolphins take her to an underwater shrine, as dolphins do.

mavis-on-a-dolphin (1)

Mavis decides do explore the shrine in hopes of finding treasure to help fund their trip. She gets attacked by a big fish and Yuri and Warrod show up just in time to help save her. Of course, it’s not that easy, they get trapped in the center of the shrine, with the killer fish, and it’s up to Mavis to correctly translate the ancient writing to find a way out.

Here’s where things get a little dumb. She thinks she’s found the way out, and triggers some kind of mechanism, which causes a big explosion. Fade to black, and everyone is on the ship again. We have no clue how they survived the explosion, they just magically do. And on top of that, Mavis, Yuri and Warrod all ended up finding treasure, while being exploded out of the water. Yeeeaaah. We never even saw a treasure room, no idea where all these jewels and crowns even came from.

Come on writers! You can do better. *SPOILERS ENDED*

So yeah, meh episode. Here’s hoping the next one will be more interesting.

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