I’ve been watching Downton Abbey for a few years now. I got into it on the third season, after binge watching the first two seasons on Amazon Prime. It’s such a good show! I love historical pieces like this.

To sum up the show, it focuses on the family of Lord Grantham, the Earl of Downton, his wife and three daughters, as well as the servants that work at the Abbey. The show starts in 1912, right after the sinking of the Titanic. It has spanned 12 years now, going through the First World War and into the Roaring 20’s.

It’s fascinating to see a glimpse into a life that’s pretty much gone now. A world where one family ruled an entire estate, being responsible for the livelihoods of hundreds or more people. And where the class system still reigned supreme.

The early 20th century is an amazing time in general, but watching the British aristocracy try to hang on to their money and power and the rise of the middle class is so interesting.

Downton Abbey is currently in it’s sixth and final season. 😥 And I’ve seen the first 4 episodes so far, about half way through the season now. These first 4 episodes have been good. From this point on I’ll be reviewing the individual episodes as they air and posting those on Tuesdays.


*SPOILERS AHEAD* In this last episode Anna is very happy that’s she’s pregnant again and that there might be a way to help her keep the pregnancy going. Towards the end of the episode, she begins to have a miscarriage but Mary is there to save the day and rush her to London where the doctor successfully stops the miscarriage and preforms the required procedure to help her keep the baby. By the very end, Anna FINALLY tells Bates that’s she’s pregnant and that she’ll likely not lose the baby, which makes him extremely happy.

I’ve been really annoyed at Anna never telling Bates anything, even though they’re husband and wife. Like throw stuff at the TV kind of annoyed.

Anyway, Thomas get’s to play butler this episode, while Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes are on their honeymoon, and I have an intense love/hate relationship with him. At one point he’s comforting Baxter and telling her how strong she is and then he’s being an asshole and outing a former maid who’s moved up in the world. It’s shocking they haven’t fired him yet, of course everyone is hinting that he needs to get a new job. I’ve loved/hated Thomas from day one. He’s the kind of character you love to hate.

As for Baxter, her past is coming back to haunt her and the police are asking that she testify against the man who got her into trouble when she was young. She’s reluctant at first but Molesley convinces her to do it, even though she still has grave misgivings about the whole thing.

And then there’s Daisy, fighting the good fight to help her father-in-law remain employed. After a lot of back and forth about whether or not Downton will give Mr. Mason the now empty farm, they finally decide to lease it to him, just in the nick of time before Daisy does something stupid to get herself fired.

As for the upstairs characters, Tom and little Sibil have returned! Violet and Isabelle are still fighting over what’s to happen with the village hospital, and Mary has found herself a new suitor.

This new guy is obviously not going to work out. He’s a race car driver and Mary sort of hates cars now, you know, after her husband died in one a few years ago. But he’s attractive and Mary is kind of shameless, so we’ll see where it goes. I have a love/hate thing with Mary, she’s a compelling character but I hate how bitchy she is to Edith. Every time Mary says something mean to or about Edith I want to reach through the screen and slap her. *END SPOILERS* 

Question time! Have you seen Downton Abbey? Do you like it? What other great dramas to you watch? Leave a comment!

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