This is going to be a short post, and no spoilers. You can’t have spoilers if Nothing Freaking Happened!

So much filler! This episode gets 3 stars, maybe more like 2.5. All we get is uninteresting back story in an attempt for us to learn things we already know about the characters.

I was really hoping for something more when Mavis and company came across the dead section of forest on their way to Magnolia. As we’ve seen in previous Fairy Tail episodes, Zeref has a bad habit of killing surrounding vegetation. So it really looked like they might run into Zeref in the woods, but noooo, we get boring back story.

And at the end I got very confused. Why in the world did Mavis and Zera change into swim suites to eat dinner? They’re in their normal clothes when Yuri and Warrod return with a big fish, and in the next scene, the fish is cooking and the girls are in swim suites. Why? Just so we have an excuse to throw them in water and have a scene where they’re blurring the line between best friends or something more? Oh right, fan service, with 13 year old girls. You’re weird Japan, but I love you.*


Anyway, at the very end, they finally make it to Magnolia and it looks very different than we’ve seen it in previous episodes. And to top it all off, the cathedral has a big blue dragon skeleton on top. The End.

I am disappointed with this episode. Stop wasting my time Fairy Tail, just stop it! So, if you haven’t seen this episode yet, I suggest you skip it. All the important things that happened will be in the recap section of the next episode.

Question time! How much do you hate filler episodes? Are they a mild annoyance that comes with the territory or do you feel the urge to rage quit?

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**laughing* Well, while looking for the above picture, I found that in the manga, the girls are totally naked in this scene. So the anime had to work around morality issues and stuff. *still laughing*


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