I’m sorry this post is late. I meant to have it up yesterday, but life happened. But we’re here now so let’s talk about Downton Abbey some more!

This was another great episode, mostly happy and up beat, to off set all the drama last week I’m sure.

*SPOILER AHEAD* The main focus this time around was the on going debate over the village hospital. To be honest, I haven’t been paying this story line much attention. I kind of knew where it was going when it was first introduced. In case you’ve forgotten, the debate is whether the village hospital would still be managed locally or if a larger hospital in York would take over.

0On one hand, the York hospital would be able to provide better and more modern medical practices, which Isobel wants. On the other hand, Violet fears losing local control and care for the people in the village. In this last episode, Violet finally loses this battle. Not only is the York hospital taking over, forcing local residences to go to York, except in emergencies, but Violet has also been outed from her position as president of the hospital. And Cora is to take her place.

Cora and Violet’s relationship has never been perfect. It’s been very strained since Cora found out that Violet knew about Edith and Marigold before she did. So this whole hospital issue just makes things worse.

As for other developments, Mr. Carson is a full blown idiot. I’m not sure how it is he can’t tell that Mrs. Hughes is upset with him. I can’t wait for her to snap at him. It will be a glorious explosion and Carson will be put soundly in his place.

I’m getting really tired of Mary being a bitch. It’s like she’s gotten nastier with Edith now that she senses Edith, and everyone else, might be hiding something from her. And really, how has she not figured this out yet? Anna almost slipped up and said that George, Sibby and Marigold were cousins. Seriously, Mary is the only person under that roof who doesn’t know who Marigold is. I wish she would stop being stupid.

downtonep6_3481330bOf course, on the flip side, Mary and Henry kiss, which is a fun moment. Henry is a pretty awesome guy, and I don’t think Mary deserves him. But I’m kind of on a I-hate-Mary-Train right now, so I’m biased.

As for other romances, I love seeing Edith and Bernie together. If Edith’s happy, I’m happy. And there’s more buds on that Mrs. Patmore & Mr. Mason love tree. They are just too josh darn cute.

And on the other side of that coin is everyone jumping to conclusions about Thomas and Andy. It’s sad, but understandable. No one trust Thomas, he’s made moves on other male servants before (of course that was O’Brien’s fault) and he’s made a point to be an asshole for the last twelve years. I hate to see Thomas be misjudged when he’s actually doing something good, but he’s been working hard to dig his own grave for a long time.

It still broke my heart to see him crying at the end. That poor guy just can’t get a break or a second chance. *END SPOILERS*

Question time! What did you think about this week’s episode? Do you want to join me on the Slap Mary & Hug Thomas Train?

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