kids-trail-final5 stars! This is one of my favorite shows that my boys watch. My 3 year old loves it. We watch it at least once a day and sometimes the same episode over and over again. It’s a solid show. It’s educational, entertaining and darn right cute. The characters are well developed and interesting. And the animation is really pleasing to look at.

I always feel like I learn something new when I watch this show. There are just so many different types of animals in the ocean, this show could go on forever. I love how the characters feel real. Captain Barnacles actually acts like I imagine a real navel captain would. He’s brave and commanding and smart.

image-1-426x202My boy’s favorite character is the cat, Kwazii, because he’s a pirate. We have a thing for pirates in my house. Kwazii is a fun, adventurous, risk taking character. I also really like that the two techie characters are girls. Tweak the rabbit is the ship’s engineer and Dashi the dog is a photographer and IT specialist. As a woman and a mom of boys I like seeing female characters treated as equals and having important jobs; that’s sometimes hard to find in “boy’s” shows, though Octonauts is definitely good for all kids.

Dashi tweakYou can find this show on Netflix, thank goodness. If they ever take it down I’ll be boycotting. 😉

Question time! What kinds of shows do your kids watch?

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