I know this movie is a few years old now, but I finally got around to seeing it a couple weeks ago.

magic-mike-quiz0 STARS! I’ve never seen a movie that was so freaking boring! I didn’t even finish it. My husband and I got half way through it when I turned to him and asked, “Are you really interested in this? Because I’m bored out of my mind.” So we turned it off and did something else for the rest of the night.

I just can’t understand how a movie about male exotic dancers could be so insanely dull. Sure, the guys were hot, I didn’t mind them running around half naked most of the time, but the dancing parts were painful to watch. Maybe it’s just not my thing, I don’t know. But if this movie was meant to turn women on, it didn’t really do it for me. Also, the movie totally lost all sex appeal when you see the guy using a dick pump. NO ONE wants to see that.

channing-tatum-turns-charm-bankFor me, the part where Channing Tatum looked the seekiest was when he was at the bank applying for the loan. I like a guy in a suite and glasses. Guess that’s why I married an accountant. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, part of what made this movie sooo dull was the dialogue. These characters talked like real people, which sounds like a good thing, but kind of isn’t. Next time you’re in a regular conversation with some one, really pay attention to what’s being said. Notice how many “um”s and “ah”s are being said. Notice how much communication there is in just body language and social cues. And notice how many sentences just kind of end with “You know what I mean” gestures and awkward pauses. When you really listen to an entire, normal, conversation it’s kind of ho hum.

I can’t even tell you what the plot of the movie was. I was just not interested in anything that was going on.

And they made a sequel to this thing? What is wrong wrong with Hollywood? Oh right, everything.

Question time! Have you seen Magic Mike or it’s sequel? Did you like it? Try to convince me to finish watching it in the comments down below.

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