This is a 4 star episode, a much better one than last week’s. No filler, the story actually moved along and gave us more information. A good solid episode.

blue-skull-dragon-guild*SPOILERS AHEAD!* Mavis and company have made it to Magnolia and they find the town looking desolate and a blue dragon skeleton perched atop the cathedral. They begin snooping around the area, trying to find Blue Skull’s head quarters. While doing so, they run into a woman and her daughter who are being chased and threatened by three members of Blue Skull.

After Mavis uses some of her illusion magic to scare off the mean wizards, the woman takes them to her run down bakery and tells them what’s been happening over the last few years. We learn that Blue Skull is an evil guild, they’ve destroyed the town and killed many people.

Shortly after leaving the bakery, Mavis and her friends witness members of Blue Skull killing an old man. This enrages them and they beat up the wizards, but reinforcements soon arrive. Mavis creates an illusion of dozens of soldiers and demands to speak to the leader of Blue Skull.

The leader steps out and he’s got some kind of weird mask over most of his face. He immediately see’s through Mavis’s illusion and commands his people to kill Mavis and her friends. They escape, thanks to Yuri, Warrod and Pretch’s fighting skills and run to hide in the forest.*END SPOILERS* 

So, overall, a good episode. It even ended with a hint of a “fateful encounter” coming soon. I’m hoping we finally get to see Zeref, but I’ve been waiting for that since day one.

Question time! Did you like this episode? What do you think will happen next?

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