Ack, this is sooo late! We’ve got a cold running through the family and it hit me hard yesterday so I got nothing done. But we’re better now, so let’s get to what you came here for and talk about some Downton Abbey!

Yet another great episode. There was a lot set up and beginning of drama that we’ll see resolved in the next couple episodes.

*SPOILERS AHEAD!* Let’s start from the beginning and talk about Thomas. In general, I’ve disliked Thomas from season one episode one, but now I just feel intensely sorry for him. He just looks so lost and sad. You just want to reach through the screen and give him a hug.

And it doesn’t help that Carson is just a full blown asshole to him. Like, holy shit dude, we get it, you hate Thomas, back the F off. But it’s all better in the end. crason hughesThe way Mrs. Hughes puts Carson in his place is magical. She played off the “I’m hurt and can’t do anything so you’ll have to do it all, honey” brilliantly.

And then there is amazing, wonderful, witty, Violet. The way she put Ms. Crookshank is her place was just golden and amazing and… there aren’t enough words. But one thing, Crookshank? Really? Kind of heavy handed there writers.

Anyway, I’ll be sad to not see as much Violet in the next couple episodes.

Now let’s talk about Mary. Can I just slap her and rub her face in poop like the bad bitch she is? Mary and Henry are a great little couple. He’s 100% in love with her and it’s sweet, but she just doesn’t see it. Tom sees it, Tom is practically pushing the two into bed together, but Mary is all, “But cars are evil!”

I can understand her not wanting to encourage Henry too much after his friend’s terrible death. He was way too emotional right then to make any kind of rational decision. But she didn’t have to totally break up with him. Like, his friend just died and you’re going to break his heart too? Good lord woman.

mary edith

And then there’s lovely Edith. 😀 Bertie finally proposes! Those two are so adorable it hurts. Of course, now we come to the big part where she’s going to have to tell him that Marigold is her daughter. I think he’ll take it pretty well. They’ll never let the public know, I’m sure. She’ll always be known as Edith’s ward, but as long as Bertie is okay with it then everything should be fine.

And as a final note, Richard gets a new puppy. Nice peace offering Violet. 😉*END SPOILERS* 

Also, I wanted to share this article I found because it is hilarious. If you don’t die laughing while reading this there’s something seriously wrong with you. 😀 Tom & Lorenzo

Question time! What do you think will happen in the next episode? Will Mary and Henry make up? Will Edith finally tell Bertie the truth?

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