Quickie Catch Up Reviews

Life has gotten a little bit hectic the last two weeks. Well, that makes me sound busy, and I’m not. To be totally honest, I just kept procrastinating everyday to the point that I wouldn’t write a post and then all the posts just kind of piled up and I got overwhelmed with the idea of catching up.

So, instead of doing individual posts I’m just going to do one big post and summarize everything. So let’s get that started! Also, there will be much spoilerage, but I’m going to assume y’all are caught up already or you wouldn’t be here, now would you?

Fairy Tail ZERO: The One Who Teaches Magic & Treasure

Two very good episodes. Good story and character development. The One Who Teaches Magic is where we finally see Mavis and Zeref meet! ezqrvWe get an explanation of how Zeref’s curse works. Put simply, the more he loves or respects life the more death magic builds up and then lets loose when someone gets too close. Mavis then convinces Zeref to teach her and her friends magic. Cue teaching/training montage!

In Treasure, Mavis and Co. finally face off against Blue Skull. They do a great job of tricking the guild master and sneaking into their guild hall. The episode ends with Blue Skull’s master warning them not to actually touch the Jade because it is full of evil and will possess anyone that touches it. Of course, it’s too late and Yuri has already picked it up. He becomes consumed by the evil magic and then gets magically placed in the giant blue dragon skeleton. He then proceeds to destroy the town. The episode leaves off there, so next time we’ll get to see how Mavis and Co. will save Yuri. Probably through the power of friendship, because this is anime, and the First Rule of Anime is Friendship Conquers All!


Downton Abbey Episode 8

There are only a couple things I want to touch on for this episode. First, poor poor Thomas. It figures he would attempt suicide, what with the way everyone, mostly Carson, have been treating him.It’s sad and I’m very glad his attempt didn’t work. I’m hoping that Thomas will be able to stay at Downton, especially if Mosely takes his new teaching gig seriously. Second, Carson has been just deplorable this whole season. I hate it. It’s very out of character, not that he’s ever been the nicest guy, but this stuff with Thomas just takes it to a whole new level.

And now to the major part of this episode. I HATE MARY! I hate her, what she did to Edith was just terrible. I want to stab Mary in the eye with a rusty spoon. When that breakfast scene played out I was literally standing in the middle of my living room, hands over my mouth in shock. Then I proceeded to yell very nasty words at the TV.

SARCASM INCOMING! But it’s ok! Edith called her a bitch, twice! Everyone rode Mary’s ass for a day, she felt bad and apologized. So I guess that means she gets to have all of her dreams come true? What. The actual. F***? I just couldn’t be happy for Mary in the end.

All throughout this series Mary has made some terrible decisions and has never paid the consequences for them. A diplomat dies in her bed, that’s ok, the family will do everything in their power to protect her and her reputation. She plays infuriating games with Matthew, that’s ok, he’ll still marry her anyway. She has a romantic get away with a man and it’s used as blackmail against her, that’s ok, daddy to the rescue!

Sure Matthew died the day their son was born, but that’s it.


Edith on the other hand has been handed the short end of the stick and suffered alone over and over again. She gets left at the alter (partly Mary’s doing, let’s be honest). Looses her fiancee. Has to bear his child alone and in secrecy. And then, just when she finds the absolutely perfect guy, Mary screws that up too. Ugh!

Okay, I’m done now. I have a strong hunch everything will work out for Edith in the end and if it does, I love the idea of Edith outranking everyone. Take that bitches!

And there you have it! Things will be back to normal next week. And tomorrow I’m starting a new series of posts about this current season of Survivor. So look forward to that.

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