I have been watching Survivor for exactly two years. My first season was Cagayan, wherein the show did their first round of Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty. I really loved that season and have since watched most of the seasons that aired, as well as gone back and watched a few older seasons online. My husband and I are now Survivor addicts.

This current season, Kaoh Rong is now three episodes in and from here on out I’ll be writing about Survivor every Friday. The show airs on Wednesday’s here, but I can’t get around to watching it until Thursday night, so posts won’t go up until Friday morning.

vc_s32_promo_logoTo start I’ll quickly recap what happened in the first two episodes and then go into more details about this week’s episode.

The first episode, “I’m a Mental Giant”, introduced us to the cast. This is the second time Survivor is doing a Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty set up. All 18 cast members have been divided up into one of three teams based on their biggest attribute. So there’s a bunch of smart people in the Brain tribe, strong people in the Brawn tribe and pretty, social people in the Beauty tribe.

As is typical for the opening episode of a new season, the tribes spend a lot of time setting up camp, trying to make fire and getting to know their team mates. What became evident to me is that there seems to be one member in each tribe who doesn’t quite fit the mold. A tiny blonde girl in the Brawn tribe, an older, average looking man in the Beauty tribe and a very out spoken and annoying woman in the Brain tribe. One of these things is not like the other!

Anyway, there’s the challenges for the immunity idol, where two teams can win and the third losing tribe has to go to Tribal Council and vote off a member. Brawn losses these challenges twice, in the first two episodes. And twice, the tiny blonde girl, Alecia, is saved from elimination.

It’s an odd move because the challenges in the beginning tend to be very strength heavy. So, typically, when a tribe losses, they get rid of the dead weight by voting off the smaller members. Alecia is the smallest girl in the Tribe and isn’t very helpful in the challenges. It was really weird when the tribe voted off a strong guy in “I’m a Mental Giant”, but what was really crazy to watch is how she survived in “Kindergarten Camp”.

svr32_cast_800x1000_aleciaholdenAfter Brawn lost their second challenge, it was obvious they were going to vote out Alecia. But Jenny starts thinking about an all girl alliance since they out number the guys 3 to 2. Jenny approaches Alecia and Cydney with the idea and, of course, Alecia is all for it. But! Jenny starts to doubt her plan and is then stupid enough to mention her doubts during Tribal Council, turning the guys against her. Jenny is then voted off. Alecia lives to fight another day

Which brings us to this week’s episode, “The Circle of Life”. A lot happens in this episode. Tai, from the Beauty tribe, finds the Immunity Idol. This is when we learn there is now a Super Idol. Basically, normal idols can to played before the votes are read, a Super Idol can be used AFTER the votes are read. But, you only get a Super Idol if you find two regular Idols.

Meanwhile, in the Brawn tribe, Alecia knows she’s in danger if they lose another challenge, so she’s looking for the Idol. Cydney is helping her and they are close to finding it when Jason spots them and figures out what they’re doing. Jason steals the clue and with Scott’s help, they get the key to open the box with the Idol inside. So now the two Brawn boys have the Idol, but it’s in Jason’s possession. We’ll see how they handle that when the time comes.

svr32_cast_800x1000_debbiewannerNext is the challenge where Brawn barely wins, sending Brain to Tribal Council for the first time. Brain is split up into three groups of two. One team, Peter and Liz, think they’re in control of the others. But Debbie, the loud one, overhears Peter and Liz’s plans, so Debbie makes some big moves and forms an alliance to go against the power couple. The end result is that Liz is voted out and Peter is left blindsided. I’m starting to think that Debbie isn’t as dumb as she acts.

So far this season is fun and exciting to watch. I’m really looking forward to the rest.

Question time! Do you watch Survivor? Who’s your favorite character so far?

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