Normally I write about Fairy Tail of Monday’s, but since the final episode of Downton Abbey aired last night in America, I figured I’d talk about it now.

Like so so many others, I’m sad to see Downton Abbey go. What am I going to do with myself on Sunday nights? Even though the show only aired for eight to ten weeks out of the year, I’d wait all year for those blissful weeks. But, despite last night being the final episode, I didn’t cry or anything. I felt a little sad, but the episode itself was so happy, and almost cheesy, I just couldn’t feel sad.

edith wedding*SPOILERS AHEAD!!* Everything ended as I suspected it would. Mary gets Edith and Bertie back together. Edith is awesome and brave to tell her future mother-in-law about Marigold. Then Edith and Bertie get married. I knew all of this was going to happen and I am satisfied that Edith finally gets her happy ending. She deserves it damn it!

anna baby

In other news, Anna has her baby and it’s a boy. And, of course, Mary is pregnant, but she keeps it a secret until after Edith’s wedding. Oh look, she can be a mature adult sometimes.;p Henry and Tom open a used car dealership. Tom is obviously getting together with Edith’s editor.

There was some forced/fake tension between Richard and Corra over her work at the hospital. I get the idea of him not liking her gone and busy all the time, it fits his character, but it just seemed forced to jam it into this last episode. Of course it’s resolved in five minutes, so no biggie.

The best part of the whole episode was Violet helping Isobel stand up for Lord Merton against his terrible son and daughter-in-law. Violet is the best character in all of television history and Maggie Smith is amazing. She steals every scene, makes everything better and is just awesome, period.


As for our friends downstairs, Mosely takes the teaching job, Thomas gets a new job that he doesn’t really like because old people are boring and Daisy is typical stupid Daisy. Although she finally gets her head out of her ass, gets a cute hair cut and sees how cute and sweet Andy is, so that should end well.

And Thomas gets to come back and be the official butler of Downton Abbey. I knew this was going to happen the first time we see Carson’s hands shake. I thought, “Well, he’s got Parkinson’s now so he can’t work, but oh look, there’s a well trained butler right there ready to step in. How convenient!” *END SPOILERS* 

And that’s pretty much it. Everyone gets there happy endings. Couples coming together, getting married, having babies, no one’s going to die any time soon and everyone gets to stay at Downton Abbey. What more could you ask for?

Oh right, more Downton Abbey!

Question time! Did you cry when the show ended? Did you cry over how much PBS wanted to charge you for the complete series? $240, really? Also, where can I buy the complete series that will work here in the US?

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