Another very good episode. It’s good to see the first few sluggish episodes being made up for. Lots of things are happening and big things are being revealed. Let’s jump right in.

*SPOILERS AHEAD!* This episode picks up where we left off, with Yuri stuck inside the blue dragon skeleton and destroying Magnolia. No one knows what to do to stop him, but Mavis has an idea. Zeref taught her a few powerful spells of black magic and she decides to use the one called Law.

If you’ve been watching Fairy Tail for a while you’ll remember this spell, it’s been used a couple times. The idea is that Law destroys evil and protects good, according to how the spell caster sees things. Mavis thinks she can use Law to destroy the evil of the Jade and protect Yuri at the same time.

Mavis_and_ZeraOf course this spell is super powerful and takes at least 10 years to master. Mavis has had like a week. Zera is quick to remind her that the spell might not work and even if it does, it could really hurt Mavis. But Mavis makes a declaration of friendship, and since this is an anime, that seems to make things work better.

The spell does work and Yuri is saved, but Mavis is knocked out. We later learn that the price of casting such a huge spell is that Mavis now stuck being a 13 year old girl. She won’t grow or mature anymore. This allows her to be who-knows-how-old and still look like a girl in the future.

But the big shocker comes at the very end. After Yuri and Mavis confirm their friendship, Yuri confesses to Mavis that he and the other guys have never seen or heard Zera. Zera does not exist. She’s basically Mavis’ imaginary friend.

I was sad and shocked to hear this, but when you think back on the last few episodes you realize a few things. Zera didn’t bring any baggage on this trip. She never changes clothes, except into a swim suit, but she wears the same dress all the time. And you never see the guys talk to or hardly look at Zera. The only person who interacts with Zera is Mavis.

It’s really sad when you realize that Mavis has been alone all these years and that Zera must have died the night Blue Skull killed the rest of the village. Poor sweet Mavis. *END SPOILERS*

mavis-vermilionAnother thing I noticed lately about Mavis is her eyes. Most of the time they are blank looking, lacking a pupil. Only in really intense situations do you see her pupils. I don’t understand why that is. From what I can figure, in most anime, if a character has blank eyes like that, it means they’re dead inside in some way and they show less emotion. So I’m not sure why Mavis, who’s so lively and energetic, has eyes like that.

Anyway, question time! What are your thoughts on this episode? Are you sad for Mavis? Do her eyes confuse you like they do me?

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