A lot happened in this episode, but it won’t take many words to talk about it. People suffer from heat exhaustion and dehydration and people go home, one expected but one unexpected.

*SPOILERS AHEAD!* For the first time this season the cast has to complete a reward challenge. They’re competing for coffee, herbs, spices and other cooking supplies, so everyone is real pumped about it. Problem is, the challenge runs a lot longer than anyone expected.

Part of the challenge was to dig around in a big sand pit, looking for three bags with balls inside. It took every team over 45 minutes to find all three bags. And it is HOT out there. Everyone is exhausted and worn down from sitting in the sun and digging for 45 minutes. Finally the Brain tribe finds their last bag and they move forward and win the challenge, followed by Beauty and Brawn.

As soon as Brain wins, Debbie starts to fall over and suffer from heat stroke. So while medical is working on her, Caleb from the Beauty tribe and Cydney from Brawn are both suffering as well. Everything comes to a halt as everyone on set is pulled in to help cool people off and give everyone water.

survivor-2016-kr-epi04-caleb-medevac-00Debbie recovers quickly and Cydney comes back well too, but Caleb starts having trouble breathing. So they call in a helicopter and he gets pulled from the game. Of course, the Beauty Tribe is really shaken by this. They’ve been doing really well in challenges, they’re a cohesive team and Caleb is one of their strongest members. It’s a major blow to have him leave.

After all of that drama, we shift our attention to the immunity challenge. And surprise surprise, Brawn looses. It’s obvious before they even leave the challenge that Alecia is going to be voted off. Jeff even offers to let them have a Tribal Council right there, but Alecia doesn’t agree because she doesn’t want to just give up.

Fade out and we go directly to Tribal Council. No need to see Alecia attempt to save her butt with the rest of the tribe, I doubt she even tried. She’s voted out unanimously. As I’ve said before, it’s a wonder she got this far in the first place. *END SPOILERS*

This next episode looks like it’s going to be a fun one. Now that Brawn is down to three members, it’s time to reorganize the tribes and shake everything up. I’m really looking forward to it.

Question time! Were you sad to see Caleb go? How much did you bet that Alecia was going home this episode?

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