Well, this is later than I would like, but we’re here and that’s what matters, right? 😀

Spring is here and the trees are having an orgy in the air and my sinuses are miserable. As I write this, I have no voice, but I feel better than I have in days, so there’s that.

As for CampNaNo I’m at 4669 words. I should be at 13,933. So you know, just a little behind. But I should be ok if I manage around 1700 words/day from now until the 30th. I can totally do it. 😀

And now for Survivor! This was a great episode with an epic blindside. Let’s run it down.

So Brain knows they are screwed after loosing Neil. They are the smallest group and it’s literally, as Jason puts it, “We’re [Brawn] just pushing geeks into lockers now”. With Brawn and Beauty united they decide to just split the votes to flush out any idols that Brain might have, until there are no more Brains left. It’s a 7 vs 3 group.

You’d think that there’s nothing more to say, but this is Survivor people, it’s never simple. Someone always finds a way to ruin a perfect, simple plan. And it all starts with svr32_cast_800x1000_cydneygillonCydney deciding that she needs to start thinking for herself and the long game.

So after the Reward Challenge, Jason, Scot and Nick start talking about the possibility of an all girl’s alliance. And Nick is stupid enough to just ask Julia straight up. Cydney witnesses this and gets a little mad about it. Ironically enough, the girl’s were not thinking about coming together until the boys brought it up. This is the beginning of the end. If people could just sit still and keep their mouths shut life would be much simpler.

The Idol Challenge comes next and it proves that the creators of Survivor are sadist and they just love torturing people. And we the viewers aren’t much better because we watch it! 😀 In the end, Tai wins the challenge, against long odds because he is very obviously in pain the whole time. But the boys continue to show their hand in how insanely overconfident they are in their plan.

Nick even goes as far as telling Aubrey everything, but not really offering her a way out. It looks like he’s just being an asshole and rubbing her inevitable loss in her face. So Aubrey, Debbie and Cydney get together and start seriously talking about an all girl alliance to vote Nick out. They go to Julia and Michele, but they’re not sure. They’re safe with the guys and more willing to put up with them to stay safe for a few more days.

So they finally go to Tribal after not going for 6 days. That’s given everyone plenty of time to think and get annoyed with each other with out the release of Tribal in getting rid of someone and reaffirming their connections with each other. During the course of Jeff’s questioning of everyone, he asks Tai about hidden immunity idols. And Tai proceeds to lay out the fact that there is a Super Idol, made with two regular Idols, that can be used after a vote is read.

tai-trangHe says this under the assumption that everyone in his alliance knows this fact, but the girls did not and it is evident on their faces. It is at that moment that Julia and Michele switch to be with the rest of the girls and they blindside Nick. His only time at Tribal and he gets kicked.

The surprising thing I noticed at the very end when they showed who voted for whom, was that Tai voted for Jason. I would love to hear what he said as he cast that vote because it’s a really odd move. I think Tai is mad at Jason because Jason must have made Tai feel like everyone in the alliance was on the same page when they obviously were not. I’ll be very interested to see if they address this at the beginning of the next episode. If Tai breaks with the boys, they’re in trouble because he has one half of that nice Super Idol.

Thanks for dropping by! Sorry this was late, I’ll have the next episode break down out on Thursday or Friday. Be sure to like, comment and share!



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