Thoughts On Motherhood

Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in the U.S. It was a delightful day, despite everyone suffering a little from allergies. While I was sitting in church I had some thoughts about being a mom that I wanted to share.

I’m not always grateful to be a mom.

It’s a lot of hard work without pay or much gratitude from those you’re doing the work for. There’s physical and emotional pain that drains you and tries to destroy you.

While for many women it’s fairly simple to get pregnant and some are even lucky enough to have an easy pregnancy and uncomplicated delivery; being a mom is more than just pushing a tiny human out through your vagina.

13109069_1589273694718635_1047451012_nBeing a mom is also more than the day to day struggle to feed, clothe, protect, nurture and love these tiny screaming humans. Under all the anxiety and stress is joy, and a love that words fail to describe.

This love is what propels us out of bed at 2 in the morning when a soft voice cries, “Mommy!”

This love is what brings tears to our eyes when our babies go to kindergarten, high school, college or start having babies of their own.

It is this love that pushes us to try harder and do better. To be the best mom we can be for our children, no matter the personal cost.

I’m not always grateful to be a mom, but today I am.

It’s more than just the sweet handmade crafts, thoughtful gifts or breakfast in bed.

It’s this burning warmth in my soul and the way my heart skips when I see my boys smile.

It’s the way all my anger melts away when they tell me they love me.

It’s the way their hugs give me strength to keep pushing forward.

Today I am proud and grateful to be a mother.

I am more than just a mother, it’s only one facet of what makes me who I am, but being a mom is the biggest, most important part of me. And nothing else I do in life will ever compare to the work and accomplishments I have gained through motherhood.


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