Downton Abbey Episode 5

Downton Abbey Episode 5

This week’s episode was fantastic! Some great highs and lows and shockers. The short version of this review is that this episode made me laugh, cheer, scream and almost cry.

*SPOILERS AHEAD!* Lots of things happen this episode. We’ll start with some of the small stuff, like seeing Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson as a married couple. They seem to be having typical newlywed problems, just compounded by the fact that they’ve both been living on their own for so long. Mr. Carson would like a home cooked meal once in a while, but Mrs. Hughes doesn’t really cook, and especially not to Mr. Carson’s standards. So we’ll see how that plays out over the next little while.

Daisy’s Mr. Mason has moved into his new farm with Downton Abbey and for some reason Daisy is very possessive of him. I don’t really understand that, but we’ll see how it goes. What’s interesting about Mr. Mason’s move is that Mrs. Patmore seems to be taking a shining to him, and he to her. I totally ship it. 😉 Also, Andy takes a great interest in farming and offers to help Mason with the pigs. Andy has mentioned a few times that, despite his city upbringing, he’d like a country life. So Mason lends Andy a few books to read about pig farming, raising and breeding.

There’s just one catch. No body knows it, but Andy can’t read. Thomas, of course, figures it out and offers to teach Andy how to read. Earlier in the episode, Andy is talking to Anna and Bates about how he doesn’t want to give Thomas “the wrong idea”, in regards to their relationship (Thomas is gay, Andy is not). But when Thomas is sincere in his offer to teach Andy, the olive branch is extended and I hope to see their friendship grow. Thomas has gone up the love vs hate scale for me. 😀

edithAnd now to the big points! We’ll start happy. Edith and Bertie kiss! I literally cheered and clapped when this happened. I love seeing Edith happy. She deserves happiness more than anyone else in this whole series, period. The big question is, if and when she’ll tell him about her daughter, Marigold.

Speaking of Marigold, it seems that Mary is starting to put 2 and 2 together. Everyone else in the family knows that Marigold is Edith’s daughter, but it’s only now that we see Mary coming to this realization.

Then the final point that literally made me shout and cover my mouth in shock. Richard’s ulcer, which he’s been suffering through for a while, exploded during an important dinner with a government official. It was shocking and bloody. You can tell he isn’t feeling good and he stands up to leave the table and I thought he was just going to collapse and have a heart attack or a seizure, but nope, blood spews everywhere.

He’s rushed to the hospital, the ulcer is removed and so far everything seems okay. But for a moment there I was really worried he would die. The very thought of that brought tears to my eyes.

There’s a couple other points I could go into, but those are the big things that happened and mattered to me. *SPOILERS ENDED*

Question time! So what are your thoughts on this weeks episode? Funny side note: I folded laundry and drank sparkling white grape juice while I watched this episode, what do you like to eat or do while you watch Downton Abbey?

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Book Review: The Well of Ascension

well of ascension


This is the second book in the Mistborn trilogy and deals heavily with the political repercussions of over throwing a tyrannical government and trying to establish a form of democracy. There is a lot of sitting around and talking in this story, but I still really enjoyed it.

There’s a lot of character development, especially for Elend and Sazed. I really loved learning more about Sazed and his people. Elend becomes very enduring because of his idealism. I found myself rooting for him, hoping that he’d be able to create the utopia he dreams of. But, when there are three different armies at your front door, ready to kill you, ideals don’t mean much.

Vin is conflicted through the entire book and I was a little annoyed by that because I felt like there was a love triangle type thing developing, lucky that was squashed. (I’m really tired of love triangles) But the real conflict within Vin is her struggle of not knowing if killing the Lord Ruler was the right thing to do. Since so little is known about the time before the Lord Ruler’s ascension, or even how he ascended, Vin is worried that the Deepness is returning to destroy the world.

Vin is convinced that if she can find the Well of Ascension, she can save her city and its people. But, well, this is only the second book of three, so obviously, things don’t go well.

Overall, a very solid second book that leads into a promising third.

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Book Review: The Belgariad Vol. 1

Book Review: The Belgariad Vol. 1


belgiaiad 1

This is some very classic Fantasy literature. If you haven’t ever read it, you really should. I’ve read this series a few times, but it has been a while, so it was nice to go back into this world that I had kind of forgotten.

This follows the classic Hero Tale kind of structure. A young farm boy has been foreseen in prophesy and fated to save the world. He’s accompanied by a wide cast of characters that include two powerful and ageless sorcerers, knights, archers, spies, a feisty princess and the like. They all have an important role to play in helping the Hero save the world from the Evil God.

If this is a trope, then this is the daddy of all Hero Tale tropes, but it works. So I gave it 5 stars, one of those stars is for nostalgia, but that’s ok. 😉

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Book Review: Royal Assassin



I’m becoming a big fan of Robin Hobb. Some of her work might feel depressing for some, but you can’t deny how well she writes and how connected you get with the characters. She puts them through the ringer and you, as a reader, get depressed about the character’s fate because you’re so invested in them. That is a sign of good writing.

Fitz continues to be a great character to follow. He’s got a lot to deal with and he’s still a teenager. King’s to protect, Prince’s to fight, a girl to love, zombie-type monsters to kill, and a wolf to befriend. Lots of political intrigue and great character development of old and new people.

So if you’ve already read Assassin’s Apprentice and not sure if you should continue the series, I say go for it, now. 🙂

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Book Review: Mistborn



I really loved this book, like completely. 🙂 Sooo well written. Great, complex characters. Strong world building and a unique magical system.

It starts off feeling really bleak and at first I wasn’t sure I’d like it. But as I got to know Vin and Kelsier and the rest of the characters I fell in love. The magic system is pretty much flawless. It’s powerful and full of possibilities but there are a lot of drawbacks as well. Those who practice it are not all powerful, which I really like. It’s too easy to have a magic system that turns it’s users into unbeatable gods.

The ending had a tragic, yet pleasant twist. Tragic because bad things happen to really good people, but pleasant because you don’t see the twist coming. I like to be surprised that way.

So if you like high/epic fantasy, I highly recommend this. It’s a great book and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series, and anything else Sanderson has written. 🙂

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