Where Have I Been?

keep-calm-i-m-still-hereThe answer to that question is: Around. I got lazy and then life got crazy over the past 3 weeks. It happens. I make no promises. 😉

So what’s going on now? Well it’s April 1st and that means the start of another session of CampNaNoWriMo. CampNaNo is kind of like the yearly NaNoWriMo in November, but instead of writing 50,000 words in 30 days, you can set your own word goals. Camp is, in general, more relaxed than November NaNo. It’s a good place to finish up a project or do edits, that sort of thing.

And in fact, my goal this month is to finish my current work in progress. I’m about 12,000 words in and I always shoot for 50,000 at least. So I plan on writing 38,000 words this month. Not sure if that will get me to the end of the story, but we’ll see.

Now, I know I’ve missed a few episodes of both Fairy Tail and Survivor. I’m not going to play the catch up game, I’m just going to start fresh with the most current episodes.

With that said, let’s talk about Survivor for a minute. It was merge time! Everybody loves the merge. It’s a big mile stone if you’re playing the game and as a viewer it’s fun to see all these personalities get together. The original 3 tribes still stand and are pretty equal. 4 Brain, 4 Beauty and 3 Brawn. Of the 3, Beauty is the tribe in the middle with the swing vote. Brain and Brawn are fighting over who gets who.

There was so much set up in this episode. Lots of people talking, a couple people being stupid and showing their hand to everyone else. Like Debbie just being too aggressive and Scot telling, not just James, but Nick as well, that Tai has an Idol. Dumb move y’all, dumb move.

The Challenge is a typical balancing act with Nick coming out the winner. But the most important part of the Challenge is that Jeff gets everyone to talk about their injuries and possible infections that they’re dealing with. This leads to a house call from the doctor to everyone at camp. Most of the cast is fine, but not Neil.

He’s got this volcano on his knee and the doc is worried, so Neil gets pulled from the game. He still gets to stick around and be on the jury, but he needs that knee seen to first.

It’s a really shitty way to leave the game. It’s one thing if you get seriously injured or work your self to exhaustion, but to go home because you have a boo boo on your knee. Man that’s gotta suck.

And, of course, since Neil went home, there was no Tribal and no need to vote. It also puts Beauty in the majority. They could do something with that, but I’m not sure they will. People like Tai and Julia are really loyal to the Brawn tribe, but the preview for next week’s episode hints at drama within the Brawn alliance. So we’ll have to see what happens. 😉

Thanks for dropping by and being patient enough to still come even though I disappear sometimes. 🙂 Have a great weekend!


Survivor: Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Survivor: Signed, Sealed & Delivered

A lot happened in this episode, but it won’t take many words to talk about it. People suffer from heat exhaustion and dehydration and people go home, one expected but one unexpected.

*SPOILERS AHEAD!* For the first time this season the cast has to complete a reward challenge. They’re competing for coffee, herbs, spices and other cooking supplies, so everyone is real pumped about it. Problem is, the challenge runs a lot longer than anyone expected.

Part of the challenge was to dig around in a big sand pit, looking for three bags with balls inside. It took every team over 45 minutes to find all three bags. And it is HOT out there. Everyone is exhausted and worn down from sitting in the sun and digging for 45 minutes. Finally the Brain tribe finds their last bag and they move forward and win the challenge, followed by Beauty and Brawn.

As soon as Brain wins, Debbie starts to fall over and suffer from heat stroke. So while medical is working on her, Caleb from the Beauty tribe and Cydney from Brawn are both suffering as well. Everything comes to a halt as everyone on set is pulled in to help cool people off and give everyone water.

survivor-2016-kr-epi04-caleb-medevac-00Debbie recovers quickly and Cydney comes back well too, but Caleb starts having trouble breathing. So they call in a helicopter and he gets pulled from the game. Of course, the Beauty Tribe is really shaken by this. They’ve been doing really well in challenges, they’re a cohesive team and Caleb is one of their strongest members. It’s a major blow to have him leave.

After all of that drama, we shift our attention to the immunity challenge. And surprise surprise, Brawn looses. It’s obvious before they even leave the challenge that Alecia is going to be voted off. Jeff even offers to let them have a Tribal Council right there, but Alecia doesn’t agree because she doesn’t want to just give up.

Fade out and we go directly to Tribal Council. No need to see Alecia attempt to save her butt with the rest of the tribe, I doubt she even tried. She’s voted out unanimously. As I’ve said before, it’s a wonder she got this far in the first place. *END SPOILERS*

This next episode looks like it’s going to be a fun one. Now that Brawn is down to three members, it’s time to reorganize the tribes and shake everything up. I’m really looking forward to it.

Question time! Were you sad to see Caleb go? How much did you bet that Alecia was going home this episode?

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Downton Abbey: The Final Episode!

Downton Abbey: The Final Episode!

Normally I write about Fairy Tail of Monday’s, but since the final episode of Downton Abbey aired last night in America, I figured I’d talk about it now.

Like so so many others, I’m sad to see Downton Abbey go. What am I going to do with myself on Sunday nights? Even though the show only aired for eight to ten weeks out of the year, I’d wait all year for those blissful weeks. But, despite last night being the final episode, I didn’t cry or anything. I felt a little sad, but the episode itself was so happy, and almost cheesy, I just couldn’t feel sad.

edith wedding*SPOILERS AHEAD!!* Everything ended as I suspected it would. Mary gets Edith and Bertie back together. Edith is awesome and brave to tell her future mother-in-law about Marigold. Then Edith and Bertie get married. I knew all of this was going to happen and I am satisfied that Edith finally gets her happy ending. She deserves it damn it!

anna baby

In other news, Anna has her baby and it’s a boy. And, of course, Mary is pregnant, but she keeps it a secret until after Edith’s wedding. Oh look, she can be a mature adult sometimes.;p Henry and Tom open a used car dealership. Tom is obviously getting together with Edith’s editor.

There was some forced/fake tension between Richard and Corra over her work at the hospital. I get the idea of him not liking her gone and busy all the time, it fits his character, but it just seemed forced to jam it into this last episode. Of course it’s resolved in five minutes, so no biggie.

The best part of the whole episode was Violet helping Isobel stand up for Lord Merton against his terrible son and daughter-in-law. Violet is the best character in all of television history and Maggie Smith is amazing. She steals every scene, makes everything better and is just awesome, period.


As for our friends downstairs, Mosely takes the teaching job, Thomas gets a new job that he doesn’t really like because old people are boring and Daisy is typical stupid Daisy. Although she finally gets her head out of her ass, gets a cute hair cut and sees how cute and sweet Andy is, so that should end well.

And Thomas gets to come back and be the official butler of Downton Abbey. I knew this was going to happen the first time we see Carson’s hands shake. I thought, “Well, he’s got Parkinson’s now so he can’t work, but oh look, there’s a well trained butler right there ready to step in. How convenient!” *END SPOILERS* 

And that’s pretty much it. Everyone gets there happy endings. Couples coming together, getting married, having babies, no one’s going to die any time soon and everyone gets to stay at Downton Abbey. What more could you ask for?

Oh right, more Downton Abbey!

Question time! Did you cry when the show ended? Did you cry over how much PBS wanted to charge you for the complete series? $240, really? Also, where can I buy the complete series that will work here in the US?

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Survivor: Kaoh Rong

Survivor: Kaoh Rong

I have been watching Survivor for exactly two years. My first season was Cagayan, wherein the show did their first round of Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty. I really loved that season and have since watched most of the seasons that aired, as well as gone back and watched a few older seasons online. My husband and I are now Survivor addicts.

This current season, Kaoh Rong is now three episodes in and from here on out I’ll be writing about Survivor every Friday. The show airs on Wednesday’s here, but I can’t get around to watching it until Thursday night, so posts won’t go up until Friday morning.

vc_s32_promo_logoTo start I’ll quickly recap what happened in the first two episodes and then go into more details about this week’s episode.

The first episode, “I’m a Mental Giant”, introduced us to the cast. This is the second time Survivor is doing a Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty set up. All 18 cast members have been divided up into one of three teams based on their biggest attribute. So there’s a bunch of smart people in the Brain tribe, strong people in the Brawn tribe and pretty, social people in the Beauty tribe.

As is typical for the opening episode of a new season, the tribes spend a lot of time setting up camp, trying to make fire and getting to know their team mates. What became evident to me is that there seems to be one member in each tribe who doesn’t quite fit the mold. A tiny blonde girl in the Brawn tribe, an older, average looking man in the Beauty tribe and a very out spoken and annoying woman in the Brain tribe. One of these things is not like the other!

Anyway, there’s the challenges for the immunity idol, where two teams can win and the third losing tribe has to go to Tribal Council and vote off a member. Brawn losses these challenges twice, in the first two episodes. And twice, the tiny blonde girl, Alecia, is saved from elimination.

It’s an odd move because the challenges in the beginning tend to be very strength heavy. So, typically, when a tribe losses, they get rid of the dead weight by voting off the smaller members. Alecia is the smallest girl in the Tribe and isn’t very helpful in the challenges. It was really weird when the tribe voted off a strong guy in “I’m a Mental Giant”, but what was really crazy to watch is how she survived in “Kindergarten Camp”.

svr32_cast_800x1000_aleciaholdenAfter Brawn lost their second challenge, it was obvious they were going to vote out Alecia. But Jenny starts thinking about an all girl alliance since they out number the guys 3 to 2. Jenny approaches Alecia and Cydney with the idea and, of course, Alecia is all for it. But! Jenny starts to doubt her plan and is then stupid enough to mention her doubts during Tribal Council, turning the guys against her. Jenny is then voted off. Alecia lives to fight another day

Which brings us to this week’s episode, “The Circle of Life”. A lot happens in this episode. Tai, from the Beauty tribe, finds the Immunity Idol. This is when we learn there is now a Super Idol. Basically, normal idols can to played before the votes are read, a Super Idol can be used AFTER the votes are read. But, you only get a Super Idol if you find two regular Idols.

Meanwhile, in the Brawn tribe, Alecia knows she’s in danger if they lose another challenge, so she’s looking for the Idol. Cydney is helping her and they are close to finding it when Jason spots them and figures out what they’re doing. Jason steals the clue and with Scott’s help, they get the key to open the box with the Idol inside. So now the two Brawn boys have the Idol, but it’s in Jason’s possession. We’ll see how they handle that when the time comes.

svr32_cast_800x1000_debbiewannerNext is the challenge where Brawn barely wins, sending Brain to Tribal Council for the first time. Brain is split up into three groups of two. One team, Peter and Liz, think they’re in control of the others. But Debbie, the loud one, overhears Peter and Liz’s plans, so Debbie makes some big moves and forms an alliance to go against the power couple. The end result is that Liz is voted out and Peter is left blindsided. I’m starting to think that Debbie isn’t as dumb as she acts.

So far this season is fun and exciting to watch. I’m really looking forward to the rest.

Question time! Do you watch Survivor? Who’s your favorite character so far?

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Quickie Catch Up Reviews

Life has gotten a little bit hectic the last two weeks. Well, that makes me sound busy, and I’m not. To be totally honest, I just kept procrastinating everyday to the point that I wouldn’t write a post and then all the posts just kind of piled up and I got overwhelmed with the idea of catching up.

So, instead of doing individual posts I’m just going to do one big post and summarize everything. So let’s get that started! Also, there will be much spoilerage, but I’m going to assume y’all are caught up already or you wouldn’t be here, now would you?

Fairy Tail ZERO: The One Who Teaches Magic & Treasure

Two very good episodes. Good story and character development. The One Who Teaches Magic is where we finally see Mavis and Zeref meet! ezqrvWe get an explanation of how Zeref’s curse works. Put simply, the more he loves or respects life the more death magic builds up and then lets loose when someone gets too close. Mavis then convinces Zeref to teach her and her friends magic. Cue teaching/training montage!

In Treasure, Mavis and Co. finally face off against Blue Skull. They do a great job of tricking the guild master and sneaking into their guild hall. The episode ends with Blue Skull’s master warning them not to actually touch the Jade because it is full of evil and will possess anyone that touches it. Of course, it’s too late and Yuri has already picked it up. He becomes consumed by the evil magic and then gets magically placed in the giant blue dragon skeleton. He then proceeds to destroy the town. The episode leaves off there, so next time we’ll get to see how Mavis and Co. will save Yuri. Probably through the power of friendship, because this is anime, and the First Rule of Anime is Friendship Conquers All!


Downton Abbey Episode 8

There are only a couple things I want to touch on for this episode. First, poor poor Thomas. It figures he would attempt suicide, what with the way everyone, mostly Carson, have been treating him.It’s sad and I’m very glad his attempt didn’t work. I’m hoping that Thomas will be able to stay at Downton, especially if Mosely takes his new teaching gig seriously. Second, Carson has been just deplorable this whole season. I hate it. It’s very out of character, not that he’s ever been the nicest guy, but this stuff with Thomas just takes it to a whole new level.

And now to the major part of this episode. I HATE MARY! I hate her, what she did to Edith was just terrible. I want to stab Mary in the eye with a rusty spoon. When that breakfast scene played out I was literally standing in the middle of my living room, hands over my mouth in shock. Then I proceeded to yell very nasty words at the TV.

SARCASM INCOMING! But it’s ok! Edith called her a bitch, twice! Everyone rode Mary’s ass for a day, she felt bad and apologized. So I guess that means she gets to have all of her dreams come true? What. The actual. F***? I just couldn’t be happy for Mary in the end.

All throughout this series Mary has made some terrible decisions and has never paid the consequences for them. A diplomat dies in her bed, that’s ok, the family will do everything in their power to protect her and her reputation. She plays infuriating games with Matthew, that’s ok, he’ll still marry her anyway. She has a romantic get away with a man and it’s used as blackmail against her, that’s ok, daddy to the rescue!

Sure Matthew died the day their son was born, but that’s it.


Edith on the other hand has been handed the short end of the stick and suffered alone over and over again. She gets left at the alter (partly Mary’s doing, let’s be honest). Looses her fiancee. Has to bear his child alone and in secrecy. And then, just when she finds the absolutely perfect guy, Mary screws that up too. Ugh!

Okay, I’m done now. I have a strong hunch everything will work out for Edith in the end and if it does, I love the idea of Edith outranking everyone. Take that bitches!

And there you have it! Things will be back to normal next week. And tomorrow I’m starting a new series of posts about this current season of Survivor. So look forward to that.

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